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About Jan Garver

My love of art was instilled in me by my father, Jack Garver, an internationally renowned, award-winning watercolorist whose "hobby" of calligraphy always fascinated me. I found at an early age that I had an aptitude for it, and was able to launch a successful business in 1992. All these years later, I enjoy creating art every day, and welcome the opportunity to try my hand (so to speak) at whatever project you might have in mind. 

I am also available for event planning, either day-of or longer-term. I will coordinate your vendors, prepare a timeline, wrangle your bridal party, and make sure that everyone and everything is in his/her/its proper place at the right time. 

In addition to being known as an artist, I am very proud to be known as an etiquette expert who is regularly asked for advice from other vendors and stationers (including Crane & Co.'s etiquette department). It is part of a calligrapher's job to ensure that every piece she letters reflects well on her clients as well as herself. I take great pride in the fact that every one of my clients has appreciated my attention to detail and knowledge. Rest assured that I will not cut any corners or do anything to make you or me look bad!

Wedding Calligraphy

This is my dad - because I owe everything to him...and because he's so cute. 

​If you want to see some amazing watercolors (which he is still producing at 90!), Google him.

This is me.